2019 Art Nouveau World Day : awards of the RANN’s contests


The Réseau Art Nouveau Network celebrated the Art Nouveau World Day on 10 June 2019. As part of this international celebration of the Art Nouveau heritage, the Network and its members offer a varied programme of activities!

It was a pleasure to celebrate the World Art Nouveau Day yesterday with you all !

The RANN organised a photo and kids drawings contest dedicated to the theme Art Nouveau Staircases. Absolute backbones of the building, these spaces of circulation, sometimes intended to diffuse natural light in the interiors, did not escape the creative impetus of Art Nouveau. From the start of a staircase to the banister, the Art Nouveau patterns and movements spread out in various forms in order to adapt to its users, owners and housekeepers. The 2019 edition of the World Art Nouveau Day highlighted these spaces, that are sometimes majestic and imposing, sometimes discreet and narrow but always essential.

The variety of selected pictures, buildings and works showed us how each Art Nouveau staircases brought diversity of this style!

Three prizes were awarded among the many participants: 
– Radoslav Páleš (Martin, Slovakia) – picture n°3 won the Internet community prize with the highest number of “likes” 
– Michael Hoffman (Gießen, Germany) – picture n°2 won the Jury’s prize with his picture of the clocktower building of Darmstadt’s Technical University, for the aesthetic of the picture, its original point of view and for interesting Art Nouveau Heritage corresponding with the theme 
– Frank Welele won the investigator prize by guessing the original of the highest number of pictures.

And the winners of our drawing contest are Klara and Lola for having, both of them, the highest number of “likes”!

Congratulations to all!

See you on 10 June 2020 for the next World Art Nouveau Day!
Picture: Poster of the 2019 WAND © RANN