2020 World Art Nouveau Day: awards of the RANN’s Photo contest


On 10 June, we celebrated the World Art Nouveau Day dedicated this year to the topic the Art Nouveau stained-glass.

On the occasion, the Réseau Art Nouveau Network organised a photo contest on the topic My Art Nouveau Archives.
As the circumstances forced us to stay at home, we asked the participants to share with us and the RANN community their favourite Art Nouveau memories and tell us, in a few lines, why the subject of their photograph is important to them, why they recommend it to us, and where we would find it?

And the winners are :
Joseph Maria Olbrich, Secession Building, 1897, Vienna (Austria) ©UitlegMetVideo
Guillaume Segers, Aegidium, 1905, Brussels (Belgium) ©Agota Demeter

The Jury Prize for the picture that best matched the theme according to a jury was awarded to Marcel Gerbrands.

Why did Marcel chose this photo? :
“Beautifully stylized owls and their ornaments.”

What’s Marcel’s tip? :
“Visit the Secessionsgebäude and see the sidewall on the right!”

The public prize for the photo collecting the highest number of “likes” at the end of the contest was awarded to Agota Demeter.

Why did Agota chose this photo? :
“It was always on my bucket list to visit the Aegidium and finally in February 2020 we managed to register for a guided visit to this magical building. I was very lucky to take this picture without any of the other fellow visitors featuring on it. Somehow “the art nouveau photo I always wanted to take”.”

What’s Agot’as tip? :
“Contact the organisation “Les Visites de mon Voisin”. Very enthusiast local guides will make the tour very colourful. A real travel in time and space.”