Napoli Liberty. N’aria ’e primmavera,

25/09/2020 > 24/01/2021

The temporary exhibitions at the Gallerie d’Italia are back after the lockdown: they start again from Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, in Naples, with the exhibition Napoli Liberty. “N’aria ‘e primmavera” conceived and curated by Luisa Martorelli and Fernando Mazzocca.

A new cultural project dedicated to the Art Nouveau movement that, while ranging in different fields – from architecture to applied arts to sculpture and painting – remains everywhere recognizable in its desire to free itself from the past and in a strong ideal tension.

In short, a real breath of fresh air – it should be said: “n’aria ‘e primavera”! – which blew throughout Italy between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, profoundly changing the face of the cities and the taste of a young country that had conquered its unity for only 30 years.

Naples was also affected by these changes: here Art Nouveau taste and art led to a propulsive development in both the figurative and industrial arts – think of the renovation of the central courtyard of Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano to a design by Luigi Platania, a splendid example of Floral taste in the Neapolitan city – and the rise of young artists who, in the wake of the Secessionist movements at the end of the century, gave rise to the first avant-garde exhibitions.

In particular, the presence of the artist Felice Casorati was fundamental: despite a stay in the city lasting just three years, here the painter produced at least 38 paintings – including some important and recently enhanced works – pervaded by a painful introspective dimension.

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