Lenker til jugendstil

Dette er et utvalg interessant jugendstillenker vi har kommet over. Send oss gjerne en e-post hvis du kjenner til andre lenker du kan anbefale.

Country Title Description Link
FRANCE Villa Laurens

Located at the edge of the Mediterranean, at the meeting of the Hérault river and the Canal du Midi, the Villa Laurens illustrates by its Art Nouveau style the extraordinary vitality of the artistic movements which emerged at the dawn of the XXth century.

The history of this building is intimately linked to the life of Emmanuel Laurens, heir to an immense fortune, who began in 1897 the construction of a singular palace “Villa Laurens” on his property in Belle-Ile.

SWITZERLAND The peacocks House

Presentation of the Peacocks, reflection of 1900 Geneva, built in 1902-1903 by Eugène Cavalli and Ami Golay. In French.

FINLAND Tampere Cathedral – virtual visit

This Website offers a nice virtual tour of the Cathedral and its interiors: very interesting! In Finnish and English.

FRANCE Villa Demoiselle – Video

Video presenting the Villa Demoiselle and its restoration. The owner describes the Art Nouveau interiors as well as the furniture. In French.

FRANCE Virtual tour: Art Nouveau at the Pinacothèque of Paris – video

The radio France Info offers a virtual tour of the exhibition, "Art Nouveau" presented at the Pinacothèque of Paris from 18 April to 8 September 2013 and commented by Marc Restellini. In French.

FRANCE Guimard’s Art Nouveau – video

The interesting Website Netprof.fr offers videos of free courses about the history of Paris and especially Guimard’s work: the Porte Dauphine Undeground, the Jassadé House, the Guimard Hotel, the Mezzara Hotel, the Castel-Béranger. In French.

INTERNATIONAL Symbolisme.net, art for art

A team of passionate journalists offers a selection of subjects about the famous symbolists painters in order to develop crossroads of exchange of knowledge. In French.

FRANCE Redifine the European symbolism – colloquium

The Website of the Orsay Museum offers to listen online again to the colloquium "redifine the European symbolism" that took place on 13 and 14 April 2012. In French.

FRANCE Around Alexandre Charpentier

The Website of the Orsay Museum offers to listen again online to the colloquium "Around Alexandre Charpentier", which enables to rediscover this French artist medal-maker, sculptor defender of the motto "Art in everythin". In French.

HUNGARY Szecesszios Magazin – Art Nouveau Magazine

Published once a year, the Art Nouveau Magazine deal with Art Nouveau style, and especially architecture, painting, stained glass windows, metalworks, news trough the world and organises the Art Nouveau World Day in cooperation with the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts. In Hungarian and English.