Otto Wagner Hofpavillon Heitzing

06/04/2019 > 27/10/2019

The construction of the Stadtbahn was the largest infrastructure project in Vienna around 1900. Otto Wagner (1841-1918), the pioneer of modern architecture, was entrusted with the artistic design of the new mass transit system, which still characterizes the cityscape. At his initiative, the establishment of a private pavilion for Emperor Franz Joseph and the “Most High Court” at the Hietzing stop, which was completed in 1899, received a distinctive, prestigious exterior and a sumptuous Art Nouveau interior, perfectly attuned to the needs of the emperor was.

The fact that the emperor only used the pavilion twice for a ride on the light rail was secondary to Otto Wagner. The focus was on the imperial splendor that lay on top of the small building and helped modern architecture achieve its breakthrough.

After extensive renovation and restoration work, the courtyard pavilion Hietzing is open again for the visit. It conveys an impressively concentrated picture of Otto Wagner’s artistic attitude, which was to become a starting point for the modern architecture of the 20th century.