Tenement tiles

For over five years Zan Phee has wandered all the corners of Glasgow, and further afield, with the aim of capturing images that show the beauty of tenement life for her online archive; from the amazing artistry found on its tiled walls, to the imposing spiral staircases, leading past striking painted glass murals, that still adorn many of its windows and doors. Her online following on Twitter and Instagram enjoy the wholesomeness of the resulting social media archive, allowing people of all genders, political and religious alignments, to come together and appreciate the workmanship archived by Zan and the many other contributors to the project.

Glasgow City Heritage Trust was delighted to offer a Heritage Grant to support an ‘in real life’ exhibition of the Tenement Tiles archive. Sadly, the COVID pandemic has put a stop to their physical exhibitions for the time being, and so Zan has worked hard to reinvent the project as a virtual exhibition, which theyr are pleased to present.

Click through to the online exhibition page, where you will find the 32 images selected for the exhibition, accompanied by quotes, kindly contributed by some of the TnmntTiles social media followers. The images and text display the various conditions found within these shared spaces, and how their occupants feel about tenement life in 2020.

An accompanying digital booklet can also be viewed.